My Thoughts on Black Mirror


grey dreams by geir tønnessen (CC BY 2.0)

Took me awhile to make time to watching this as it is an hour long and my assignment work load has been catching up on me. However, I am here now, all ready to talk about it after watching finally. I did not expect Black Mirror to be so interesting as I thought it would be more of an educational documentary.

It was very interesting yet very scary as it does look like the direction we are all heading in the future. Everyone now is trying so hard to get their 5 seconds of fame and in hope of making a living out of it. Similar like in Black Mirror accept they work there but off to get an entry on to the ‘Hot Shot’ to hopefully get chosen and be able to live a better life.


Besides that, the whole virtual life thing, it is sort of already happening now. Living with housemate who are gamers spending thousands of dollars on games and part of it just on the apperiance of their avatar. This me is scary because i find it pointless but there gamming industry is huge and is only keeps growing. Therefore, we are really just a few step away from making our world similar to Black Mirror.

It is sad and scary but it could very well be the truth. this is why I think everyone should take a step back and see what direction do we want for our future because at our level on rapid consumerism, we all keep producing soley the wants of the people but not so much the needs anymore. Black Mirror captures that very well. We are better than that, so lets all not be selfish and think of the future for not just us but the future generation.


5 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Black Mirror”

  1. Nice work Zachary – great to see you continuing your blogging here! I really love that first picture – so thematically relevant to what you’re talking about! I probably wouldn’t use the second one though – as you can see written in the Flickr description of the second image though, the poster admits it’s not his image – it should therefore not have been shared with the licence it has been, so best not to use yourself. Another brief tip: be sure to get all hyperlinks opening in new tabs. Keep up the great work! 🙂


  2. Really enjoyed your take on the Black Mirror episode. Interesting line you’ve drawn with gamers (I’m a dabbler myself…long-term WoW addiction) – I hadn’t seen the parallel between the BM character’s spending on “entertainment” while they’re on their bikes/in their rooms and micro/macro transactions in games. Nice pickup.


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